About Gray Tai-Chi-Chuan

Hi, my name is Graham Smith-Latham, after 22 years of martial arts training it seemed inevitable that this would evolve and develop into what is now my primary type of teaching (Gray Tai-Chi-Chuan), a personal experience for all students with emphasis on YOU becoming your best self.


I am also a personal trainer and have studied and practiced Yang style long form for over 20 years. The traditional Yang style long form 108 posture was originally brought to the western world by Master Chu King Hung, who learned the form from Yang Sao Chung, a son of Yang Cheng Fu who was a grandson of Yan Lu Chan (the founder of the Yang lineage) who learned Tai Chi Chuan to the Chen family.


The vertical postures taught me from my Sifu, Derick Gordon , of the White Cloud Kung-Fu society can be seen on the older Yang Style forms which are closer to the source. It allows the development of expression of certain types of internal power.


The 'Yang Style' Tai Chi refers to the Yang family name not the philosophical conncept. All Tai Chi is based on Yin and Yang. The Gray Tai Chi Chuan concept is a modern variation of traditional beliefs.